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Summer is coming, Enjoy our potable KTV Systme Everywhere Singing Everyevery, Enjoy your summer time

Summer Savings Start Now

Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System


s1 pro plus2.jpeg

Musicians transform sound into something more. It’s how you get us off our feet. Make us move, shake, sing, and leave a lasting impression long after the track ends. This ability to inspire is why the S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System is for you. It’s the go-to powerful, portable, all-in-one portable PA speaker for live performance.

s1 pro plus.jpeg

KTV Package 1 

Portable KTV PACKAGE with Powerful output-600W Include

1)Singer choice X7 A 5 in one KTV Machines, including KOD Systems with morethan 600,000 songs and 6oow output power and 2 wireless micphones and KTV mixer

2) Inandon 8 inch bookshelf Speakers, powerful speakers with elegant piano Black and White paint

REG: $2299

Now $1999

X7A_2023 Package.jpg

KTV Package 2

Inandon V8  Portable KTV PACKAGE Include

1)Inandon V8 pro  3 in one KTV Machines, including KOD Systems with morethan 500,000 songs 

2) singerchoice PB8 PA speakers , powerful speakers with 300w power Amplfier bulid in and All Effect build in and with optical and Bluetooth build in, you can use it as mutifuction speakers, to enjoy muisc from TV and phone

REG: $2299

Now $1999

V8Pro_2023 Package.jpg

Makcie Thump 12A

Reg:$549 Sale$499

Product features

  • Legendary Thump Series Performance

  • Dynamic Bass Response™ for Powerful Low-End

  • Built-in 2-Channel Mixer with Vita™ Preamps

  • Powerful DSP with Four Speaker Modes

  • Lightweight and Portable Design


  • Are you tired of carrying around a multi-channel mixer when you only have one or two audio sources? Thump has a built-in 2-channel mixer with Vita™ preamps and Wide-Z™ technology that can handle mic, line and instrument sources. That means you can plug directly into the speaker and leave external mixers behind.



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