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Karaoke Package On sale

X7A Package.jpg

BOSE FS4SE Small Home KTV Pacakge For $1999

Singers Choice Package.jpg

JBL MK-08 Small Home KTV Pacakge For $2799

Mackie Promotion.jpg

Mackie  Home KTV Pacakge For $1799

K3 Package.jpg

BOSE DM6SE Home KTV Pacakge For $2999

BOSE DM complete loudspeaker- From $399

DM assortment to enhance any space, DesignMax loudspeakers offer rich lows and clear, intelligible highs, along with premium aesthetics 

Deliver rich lows and clear, intelligible highs with coaxial two-way drivers 

FROM 2 Inch to 8 inch different Choice you can find the small speakers with Powerful Sound- make your Voice and Music Loud and clear 

Blend with any room design with elegant form factors, minimum-bezel grilles available in white and Black Elegant Moden Design fit your house space nicely 

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