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GOGO 22" karaoke Machines +DX288G3+CS612G2




Remote access via computer through USB connection.

Stereo headphone connection to allow monitoring effects.

3.55 mm audio input for your favorite mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology customized by Better Music Builder .

5-D PRO Audio 900 Watts Max Power.

3/5 + 1 (subwoofer) audio distributions.

Full reverberation effects with Microphone reverb, echo, delay, and repeat adjustments.

Dedicated 3 channels Power Output plus full array of Line Outputs which includes: record output, line output, pre-output, bass output, center channel output.

Dedicated wireless microphone connection input in 2 groups. The volume of each group can be adjusted separately, with each group provides +/- 8dB adjustment for treble, median, and bass.

Independent Master and Microphone maximum volume locking.

Built-in Subwoofer and Center output stereo crossover with independently adjusted volume and cut-off frequency control from 20 Hz ~ 240 Hz.

High-performance 24-bit dual-engine Feedback Destroyer.

Full computerized Smart Auto Input Switching (SAIS) feature for source input selection.

Music modulation with 9-step key control and preset effects for selection.

Independently adjusted center speaker control for self vocal monitoring.

Capable of driving two pairs of main speaker in different size to cover the whole frequency spectrum.

Three extra AC power outlets for additional equipment, programmable in both 110V and 220V

Music “Mute” allows the microphone to be active while the music is off.




3-Way Full Range PVC/Plywood Speaker

3”x2 tweeters [paper cone high frequency drivers]

4”x2 tweeters [paper cone middle frequency drivers]

12”x1 woofer [low frequency woofer]

High output SPL and sensitivity

Copper wired voice coil

Speaker input terminal (banana plug or insert type)

Frequency response 25Hz~18kHz

Sensitivity 93dB

Front grill adjustable 180 degrees

Cabinet design for FOH use

Flexible and easy-to install configurations (wall, ceiling, under balcony)

Inandon karaoke Package

C$800.00 Regular Price
C$700.00Sale Price
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