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We design and installation for the both commercial and residence. From the Hospitality Church office to shopping mall, From Lobby door to dance floor, conference call to pool-side party, our solutions are at your service. We are Partner with Bose Professional and TOA music, design many success projects like king square shopping mall and Yu seafood in Yorkdale Mall.

For the Residential, we have Russound, Vssl, IEAST SONOS background Music systems. 

A seamless guest experience Easy operation  Flexible options for any space

TOA Corporation was founded in Kobe, Japan in 1934 and is the leading commercial audio, professional sound, and security product manufacturer in the world.

TOA products range from digital amplifiers and speakers, to mixers, wireless microphone systems and digital processors used in sound reinforcement, to integrated VOIP intercom and emergency paging and voice evacuation systems for security and communications.

Pro audio is about creating incredible experiences — from an unforgettable live music event to a clear conference call that gets the whole team on the same page. Those exceptional experiences don’t just happen. They need to be built, one piece at a time. That’s why we’re here.


VSSL is the premier home audio system for architectural speakers. We have connected Google Home, Apple Airplay, and Spotify Connect to give you every possible streaming option in one convenient box.

In 1967 in a quiet town in rustic New England, Russound was founded based on a desire to make the finest audio accessories on the market. Russound's early products included hi-fi solutions such as speaker selectors, tape monitor switches and volume controls. The name Russound became synonymous for high-quality volume controls and the company soon developed a reputation for their reliable products.

Over the years, Russound developed a wider range of products for the custom installation market and increasingly became known for quality, reliability and service. That vision continues on today, as exciting new technologies are being implemented to create modern solutions for their customers’ needs.  With its products now sold in over 100 countries, the Russound name has become synonymous with audio quality not only in the USA, but also around the world.


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Our Projects:


King Squre Shopping Mall


Yuseafood in Yorkdale 


168 Shushi 

H&M Retail Store

Chinese Embassy In Toronto & Ottawa

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