KV603+22" touch screen+ Bose PM4200 Amplifer + Bose 802VIIIx2 +Bose MB4 x2+AVV9800


KV603+22" touch screen


4T harddrvie with 100000 songs Preloads

4K video High Defination support

Karaoke Voice Record funciton with can recorde your voice

22" touch screen with easy song ordering function

Andriod and IOS supprt


AVV9800 Professional Karaoke Amplifer


4 inch, 65500 pixels, full color touch screen

Input Connectors:

Output Connectors:

External control port:

Advance iPad and iPhone App to control all functions of the sound processor

Separate Audio and Video Source Selector for optimal performance

10 Preset and 10 Programmable functions to instantly adjust A/V setting

Professional KTV effect, echo & reverb, 3 bands PEQ, 4-level feedback eliminator

7-band PEQ, LPF/HPF, polarity, delay, limiter and gain are for main output

7-band PEQ, LPF/HPF, polarity, delay, limiter and gain are for center/SUB/surround outputs Dual TI 32-bit 400Mhz TM320VC67 series chip

24 bit AD/DA converter

2U Rack Mountable

110V-220V Auto Voltage Selector Switch




QuadBridge™ Technology – Allows the 4 available channels to be configured as Mono, V-Bridge, I-Share or Quad mode, allowing the total available power of the amplifier to be allocated to one or more output channels. The amplifier is capable of driving both low impedance and 70/100V loudspeaker loads directly.

Bose® ControlSpace® Designer™ software – PowerMatch amplifiers can be fully configured using ControlSpace Designer software via the onboard front panel USB connection, or the rear panel Ethernet connection (network models only). Using ControlSpace Designer software you can access additional features including: Parametric EQ stages, load sweep of each output channel and auto standby. ControlSpace Designer software is also used to integrate network model PowerMatch amplifiers into larger control and monitoring systems comprised of Bose ESP processors and CC control centers.

Auto-Standby/Auto-Wake function – When enabled, this function automatically enters/exits Standby Mode, allowing the system to consume less power.

Dual voltage and current feedback loop – Proprietary design combines Class-D efficiency with a unique current and voltage feedback loop circuit that continuously monitors and controls both the current and voltage delivered to the loudspeaker load. Independent of power level and load impedance, the amplifier consistently delivers the widest possible dynamic range, frequency response and lowest possible distortion.

PeakBank™ power supply – Regenerative 4-quadrant power supply enables higher power density while allowing the re-use of energy from reactive loads that is normally wasted in conventional Class-D designs. This highly efficient amplifier design delivers sustainable and repeatable low frequency response.

Fast-tracking power factor correction (PFC) – Efficiently manages the current drawn from the AC mains, allowing the amplifier to drive loudspeakers to maximum output longer without power fluctuation. PFC provides superior transient response and functions at peak burst power much longer than conventional Class-D amplifier designs to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding program material.




Full-Range-Driver Array eliminates tweeters and crossovers for unsurpassed reliability in harsh environments and vocal clarity.

8x Bose 4.5-inch full-range drivers for legendary reliability

120° x 100° Articulated Array® design covers a very wide area, which can reduce the number of loudspeakers required

52 Hz - 15 kHz Frequency Range eliminates need for subwoofers for moderate full-range music levels

123 dB Peak SPL for sound-reinforcement and foreground music

Rugged, lightweight enclosure with threaded inserts for easy installations

Weather-Rated Design for indoor or outdoor installations

Requires Active Equalization




Unique 4 x 5.25" (133 mm) high-excursion woofer configuration provides deep bass to 35 Hz with fast transient response

Modular design allows stacking of multiple enclosures for increased maximum sound levels

Integrated suspension inserts allow easy permanent installations with optional rigging accessories


AVV-1700 A pair of wireless bluetooth micphones


Bluetooth Function, you can easily connect the Ipad and Any other android Device and sing the songs from youtube of other app

UHF highfrequcy micphones

build in karaoke mixerer you can adjust the Echo and Delay in the micphones

BOSE Karaoke Premuime Package

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