Martin Roland High Performance Digital Mixing Amplifier serials designed by German engineers, are known for its quality and durability. This new generation MA-3800HD Digital Mixing Amplifier delivers a solid 900 watts of power coming through four separate channels. The newest MA3800HD 1800W Digital Mixing Amplifier with 2 in and 1 out HDMI audio and video interfaces lets you take advantage of the highest quality video source, by passing through high Definition signals for viewing on a compatible display. This system works as a Karaoke Mixing Amplifier, all the essential mixing functions such as low, mid, and high adjustments are available for microphone, echo, music and master volume controls. Individual volume control for three microphones with gain adjustment, echo delay and balance controls are available for fine tuning. 

You can adjust the main vocal level in the incoming music, which can be pitched up or down in half-step increments via the 11-step key control. In addition to handling all your karaoke needs, this unit can be used as the main receiver in your home audio system. With four channels, you can fill your entire room with sound nicely. Connect up to 2 HDMI and 3 audio/video sources to the rear panel for quick access by one remote, the best part is that you just need one input jack on TV for Video. Plus, there is a mixed output ( Music and Vocal), from this one, you can connect it with a TV input, so that no matter what source you select, you can hear it from the TV speaker. If you're looking for bass, a music output is located on the rear for you to connect a powered subwoofer to your system. You can also connect external devices like outboard effects processors using the effects loop input. This amplifier features Dual Voltage Selector (AC 110V or 220V) making it compatible worldwide.



  • Max. Peak Power Output: 900W + 900W

  • Infrared Remote control 

  • Innovative Digital Echo effect Processing 

  • 4 microphone Inputs (3 front/1 rear) for Usage 

  • Auto-gain Level Indicators 

  • Microphone Input Signal Attenuators 

  • Microphone Volume/Bass/Midrange/Treble/Balance/Echo Level Adjust

  • Echo Effect Volume/Bass/Treble/Repeat-deepness/Delay-time control 

  • Music Volume/Balance/Bass/Midrange/Treble Adjust

  • Auto singing-mate switch (Match with Multiplex karaoke media)

  • Vocal cancel switch (Match with Multiplex karaoke media)

  • 11 Steps16-Bits Digital Key Control 

  • 3 Audio sources input Selector 

  • 3 Video Inputs ,1 Video Output (RCA) 

  • 2 HDMI Inputs, 1 HDMI Output

  • Singing Partner/Vocal Cancel function fits to multiplex karaoke media 

  • Super Bass switch for musical bass and treble frequency extension

  • Auto Video-In Switching 

  • Overload and Short Circuit Protecting 

  • Advanced Channel type Heating-blow System 

  • Dual Voltage Selector : AC 230V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz ±10%

  • AC Power Fuse Holder: Use T5A Fuse 


MA 3800HD

Audio Output Max 900 W+ 900W
Mic Input Sensitivity 15mV
External device sensitivity 250mV
Signal / Noise Ratio (with IHF A filter) 90dB
THD (1KHz. Aux 150mV Input) 0.1%
Frequency Response 25Hz ~ 20KHz
Mic Tone Adjustment 80Hz + 15dB
3.5KHz + 5dB
12Khz + 15dB
Echo Tone Adjustment 80Hz + 15dB
12Khz + 15dB
Power Source AC 230V 50Hz/110V 60Hz ±10%.
Electricity consumption  2000 W

Martin Rager HD3800